The minutes after you suffered an injury at the hands of another party are critical because this is when more victims make the biggest mistakes. Trying to save money by not hiring a lawyer or working with the responsible party away from the insurance company is a recipe for serious trouble. The experience of a personal injury lawyer is worth far more than the monies you could be losing trying to represent yourself.

A local personal injury law firm Phoenix AZ professional may have decades experience and the backing of other lawyers at the office to help secure the biggest cash settlements. There are simply too many pitfalls in accident cases that could put you in a very bad position when the responsible party decides to hire a lawyer to get out from paying you after you decided not to hire your own attorney.

Avoiding Mistakes with Your Personal Injury Case

Even if you think that you have a great case against the responsible party and don’t need to pay lawyer fees that will cut into your settlement, look at the alternative. Once you get to court, the lawyers for the insurance company have decades of experience at discrediting the other side. Make one mistake or don’t follow the law, and that attorney will literally shred your case.

You need a skilled lawyer working for you to protect that settlement from dwindling down to next to nothing.

Finding Other Ways to Reach a Resolution

In the event that the insurance company finds that your settlement request is too high, your personal injury lawyer has other ways to reach an agreement with them. If you were fighting yourself, the insurance company would stand tall in their decision. Your lawyer will draw up papers and discuss other ways to reach a resolution before a trial date is set.

Perhaps the two parties can meet during arbitration or medication, reaching an agreement before dealing with a lengthy trial.

Reducing Your Stress with Organizing the Case

The stress of trying to build a case around your lawsuit is not something that is going to help with the healing process. Your attorney will take on all those stressful tasks that need to be done to build a solid case. Your only job moving forward is getting better, your attorney has a team at the ready to collect accident evidence, locate your medical records, analyze the records, and prepare the case.

An accident attorney also has to make certain documents are filed on time and correctly if you are going to have this lawsuit move forward in a timely manner in the courts.

Instead of thinking you have any chance outsmarting the insurance company lawyers who are getting paid a fortune to destroy your claims, leave your case to those who have decades experience winning the biggest cash settlements. Now is the time to focus on getting your injuries attended to, not trying to outsmart the insurance company at a game you can’t win.