Regardless of the reasoning for you getting out that night and driving, there is no reason you should have to suffer the consequences more severely than others in similar circumstances. Many people who make the mistake of driving under the influence want to put this embarrassing episode behind them, so they go to court alone and take the punishment. What they discover is the judge is not lenient on them at all because they think they are doing the right thing, and they suffer the harsh consequences of not having legal representation. These are a few of the things you can expect when working with the local DUI lawyer Milwaukee WI law firm.

Carefully Analyzing the Evidence

Although you may take the word of the police officer that you were, in fact, drinking and driving, your attorney needs to make sure the letter of the law was followed. This means your attorney will get a copy of the dash camera to see why the officer felt they needed to pull your vehicle over in the first place. Then, your lawyer is going to look closely to see how you were treated, what made the officer get you out of the car, and what field tests they used to determine that you were drunk. If anything is out of the ordinary or your rights not upheld, the case could actually be dismissed.

Determining Why You Why Arrested

The reason why the officer arrested you really can be subjective. They need a good reason to pull you over and to get you out of the car, but only they know the reasoning. The officer does not have to speak at the DUI trial, but your Milwaukee DUI attorney can utilize their experience to get the officer to talk long before the court date. When the officer is subpoenaed to the license hearing, your attorney can ask them informal questions about that arrest. The answers open the door to let your attorney dig deeper and then use the testimony at the trial.

Bargaining with the Prosecution

There may be good cause for the officer to pull you over, and your attorney may not have been able to find anything wrong with the arresting process, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Your Milwaukee DUI attorney will draw on decades of experience to consult with the prosecution about sentencing. Perhaps the number was a hair over the legal limit or this was your first time being in any sort of trouble. Your attorney will plea bargain to get the charges lessened. A charge of reckless driving not only carries fewer penalties, you will be able to keep your driver’s license too.

As you can see, just because you made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that you should give up your rights and be subjected to harsh punishments. Let your Milwaukee DUI attorney deal with the legalities of this case while you focus on your life decisions and making thing right moving forward.