The law is the pivot around which civil society revolves. While attorneys focus on legal problems and solutions, other professionals also need to know the law. There are laws that apply to and regulate a wide range of professions. Today, almost everyone accesses information on hand held mobile devices through downloadable computer programs called applications or apps. Lawyer apps help attorneys and other professionals access the latest information and organize their work on their smartphones.


Depose is one of the top legal apps used by attorneys who take depositions frequently. The app is an android app designed in a question and answer format making it easy for the attorney to add questions, track answers and export them to their computers. The iOS version of this app is under development.


The American Association of Law Libraries has given the New Product Award for this app. The app is downloadable on android, iOS and on windows phones. Attorneys can quickly access and research case law using this app.


Attorneys and legal professionals who require frequent notarizing of documents and papers will find this app very useful. It can be used on iOS devices and serves the purpose of an electronic notary. Attorneys need to upload the documents and the electronic notary will notarize all types of papers and documents. Android and Windows phone versions of the app is being developed.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Attorneys commonly refer to the definition of legal terms during arguments. Black’s law dictionary, the best law dictionary for legal terms is now easily accessible and searchable and comes in the form of a handy app. The app has an integrated Westlaw login. The app is downloadable in iOS and an android version is being developed.


This document scanner app is available for iOS and android phones. The app uses the camera of the phone to scan and generate documents in PDF. The attorney can not only share and upload these documents but can annotate them quickly at any time.


Slack is a business communications app that is used by attorneys. Legal research is easy if performed on this app. Attorneys can set up an RSS feed that checks citations based on precedents. The app is available for android and iOS phones.


Signal is a communications app that is secure with end to end encryption. Attorneys use this app to keep communications with their clients confidential. The app is available for android phones and iOS phones.


Clio is a cloud based app that can be downloaded on android and iOS. It is a management app used by law firms. The app helps attorneys store files, track time, perform billing and schedule activities. Attorneys can manage their work and their offices both when they are in the office and when they are out of the offices using this app.

Lawyer apps help attorneys work and organize their work effectively and efficiently in their offices, while meeting clients and while in the courtroom.